The East Point Golf Club, founded around 1884, is Visakhapatnam's premier golf club and is home to the only golf course that is open to people from all walks of life. EPGC, as it is commonly referred to, is an independent non-profit making entity, which focuses on providing services aimed at enhancing the game of Golf, and the skill-levels of its members who have a desire to improve the standard of their game, through the organising of training programmes and competitions. This prestigious club also doubles as a social club and members enjoy a host of other services apart from the camaraderie and bonhomie of other members. The functioning of EPGC is democratic: we are governed by our constitution and have an electoral system which provides for a President assisted by a Managing Committee, all elected from our members, supported by efficient, full-time permanent staff. The Managing Committee, providing voluntary services, consists of distinguished persons who are Professionals or hold senior positions in Business, Industry, Government and the Defence Forces. EPGC has over 1000 members, including several leading corporate entities.



NOTICE TO HOLD EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL BODY MEETING Notice is hereby given to hold an Extraordinary General Body Meeting (EGM) at 11.30AM on Sunday 5th March 2017, at East Point Golf Club. Notice is hereby given to members to consider and if thought fit, to pass the following ordinary resolution proposed by the Managing Committee, with or without modifications at the EGM on 5th March. “Resolved to develop entire parking area by providing bitumen surface along with landscaping, water drainage and lighting at a cost not exceeding Rs.30 Lakhs (Rupees Thirty Lakhs only).” Explanation: The Parking area is right at the entrance to the Club. The entire area does not have finished surface, looks very shabby and presents a very poor impression of EPGC. The Vehicles are parked in a haphazard manner in the absence of any marked routing directions and parking slots. It is proposed to lay bitumen surface to the entire parking area and also undertake landscaping in open areas and around the banyan tree including planting of avenue trees along the approach road. The development also includes lighting the area with LED lights. Water drainage work will also be undertaken for the bitumen surface to last longer. Routing directions and parking slots will be marked with abrasive resistant paint to regulate traffic and for orderly parking of vehicles. For East Point Golf Club Hon.Secretary


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