The East Point Golf Club was established in 1884. The Club was situated on the extreme East of the then town, on land leased from the Zamindar of Cheemudu. The exact location of the old course was on the now existing Taraka Rama Park on the beach. The Club was meant for relaxation of the then existing British Garrison officers, the railway and civil officers stationed at Vizag, as the game being originally inherited from Scotland.
Situated along the coast, from North to South included the area which today is the VUDA Park, MGM Selviworld and Park Hotel under the original “Golf Links”, a 9-Hole golf course which was picturesque, with the sea to East and lush greenery in the West that is now the East Point Colony and the Andhra University Campus.
The Golf links were closed during the 1st and 2nd World Wars as all British citizens were drafted into the Army. The golf course was revived in 1955 by the Americans of the Caltex Oil Refinery - taking the same land on lease from the Raja Sahib of Gangpur who had inherited this land by virtue of his marriage to the daughter of the Zamindar of Cheemudu. The course existed at the east point till 1964 and was not open to Indians. In 1964 due to a personality clash between Gangpur and some other members - the Raja Sahib raised the annual rent of the land from Rs. 500/- per annum to Rs.5000/- per annum and due to paucity of funds the Club faced imminent demise. At this juncture the Raja of Vizianagaram who was a golfer of some ability and who was the then Minister of Health in the Government of Andhra Pradesh helped the Club to acquire the present 100 acres of land on a 99 years lease at an annual rental of just Rs.500/-. The lease stipulated that the entire 100 acres should be developed within 10 years and any undeveloped land at the end of the 10 years’ period would automatically revert to the Municipality.
In 1964, the Course was developed into a 9-Hole course owing to the herculean efforts of all members - who contributed not only financially but also put in physical effort from the highest to the lowest in a rare show of co-operative spirit, equality and a fair exhibition of fellowship from all.
In 1974, the Club faced another serious crisis as it had developed only 50 acres of land and the Municipality threatened to take over the other 50 acres. Under the very able leadership of the Golf Captain Mr. Saldanha, funds were raised and an 18-Hole course was developed on the 100 acres. The course architecture was entrusted to Mr. Sripada Rao and still largely remains unchanged. The Club was notable for its fellowship among members and the willingness of all the better players to play along with beginners and help them improve their game.
The annual Merchants Cup and dance were used for fund raising. The Club was also notable for the interest taken by each and every member of the Club who carried a bag when playing to pick up stray stones on the fairways and dump them out of the way. In 2017 work on complete renovation of the course to International Standard commenced and the new Course was inaugurated on 20th February 2021. Specific details of the present course and the layout are covered under GOLF chapter.